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After outlasting 24 other Housemates over 91 days, the duo of Karen and Wendall scooped the two USD200 000 prizes on M-Net’s Big Brother Amplified last night (31 July) in a spectacular show screened on DStv Channel 198. They were given the big news by presenter IK at the end of a glittering 2-hour Finale worthy of the Amplified name.

In a show which saw drama, tears, laughter and joy – along with rocking performances from Nigerian stars Wizkid and Mo’Cheddah, Tanzania’s CPWAA, South Africans Speedy & Professor and Fally Ipupa (DRC) – it was the Nigerian and the Zimbabwean who prevailed to pick up the spoils on the continent’s biggest reality show.

IK and Big Brother drew the tension out until the last possible second of the two-hour Finale, leaving Karen and Wendall delighted at the Amplified outcome. Earlier in the show, Vina and Hanni had been evicted before IK took viewers back into the House and asked the remaining 5 Housemates – Sharon O, Wendall, Karen, Luclay and Lomwe to join him on stage. One-by-one he sent Sharon O, Lomwe and Luclay to join the ranks of the evicted Housemates before dropping the explosive Amplified twist on the remaining duo.

IK had surprised the Housemates at the start of the Finale by joining them in the House for a quick Q&A to set the tone for the evening, before taking viewers on a journey through the 91-day rollercoaster that was Big Brother Amplified. Love-ins, fights, Heads, Tails, ups and downs – it was truly an epic season. Vimbai, Kim and Millicent had a chance to have their say after being evicted last week, within touching distance of the two mammoth cash prizes.  Vimbai said she had become more open-minded and less inclined to judge people, after her time in the House. Kim said she hadn’t changed – just improved, having left the House a stronger, more confident and more certain person. Millicent said she had discovered that she was a giving person: “No matter how much the pressure, I never stopped giving,” she said.

Vina was the first to leave the House this week and collapsed in a heap on the stage when she saw her family waiting to greet her in the audience. Before the Housemates had a chance to draw breath, IK returned with more eviction news, sending Hanni through the Big Brother doors for the final time. He then returned to the House for a third time, asking the remaining 5 Housemates to stand and leave the House en masse.

Once they had joined IK on stage and the pandemonium in the studio had settled down, he got to talk to each of them briefly before getting back to business. One by one, he broke the news to Sharon O, Lomwe and then Luclay that they had been evicted, leaving Wendall and Karen locked in an embrace – not knowing that both of them had won the Amplified game.

IK then summoned them to the edge of the stage. “In the past, it’s always boiled down to one Housemate, one moment – this is that moment,” he told them gravely. “Karen… Wendall… both of you have won USD200 000 each! Both of you are winners!” he told them, before leaving them to celebrate with friends and family.

The winners of the final set of viewer prizes were Dumisani Ndlovu (South Africa) and Eko Samson (Uganda) who won a Samsung Camera each, Anita Okafor (Nigeria) won a Samsung Camcorder, Albertina Spanyoni (South Africa) won a Samsung Laptop and Humphrey Serong (South Africa) won a Samsung Galaxy S.

The Housemates who received the least country votes were Evicted. The Housemates who received the most country votes were named the two Big Brother Amplified winners.
Vina received zero country votes and was evicted first.
Hanni, Lomwe and Sharon O received one country vote each and were also evicted, as was Luclay who received 2 country votes.Karen, with six country votes and Wendall with four country votes have won the Amplified season

Karen: 6 country votes - Nigeria, Angola, Rest of Africa, Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania
Wendall: 4 country votes - Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya
Luclay: 2 country votes - South Africa, Botswana
Lomwe: 1 country vote – Malawi
Sharon O: 1 country vote – Uganda
Hanni: 1 country vote – Ethiopia
Vina: 0 Country Votes.

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