Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big Brother Africa 5: FAQs


1. Which are the participating countries in BIG BROTHER 5?
There are 14 participating countries. Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

2. Why were these countries selected to participate?
The countries participating in BIG BROTHER AFRICA were selected using two main criteria – their large DStv subscriber base and the general response from audiences in these countries to previous editions of Big Brother Africa.

3. What is the prize for the winner of BIG BROTHER AFRICA 5?
The prize for the winner of the series is now a phenomenal USD 200 000.

4.Other than the USD 200 000 won by the winner, do the runners up win anything?
Usually, only the last person remaining in the house wins the prize money. But whether Big Brother will have any rewards for the other housemates, well, you will have to wait and see.

5. Why is M-Net screening BIG BROTHER AFRICA 5?
Television audiences across the continent, who have tuned in to the first 4 seasons of Big Brother Africa on DStv, continue to embrace this format and have made Big Brother Africa a popular entertainment choice. Due to the ongoing popularity of the series, M-Net has decided to screen a fifth season of the series.

6. How long will BIG BROTHER AFRICA 5 last?
The new BIG BROTHER AFRICA is scheduled to begin on Sunday July 18, 2010 and will run for 91 days.

7. Will BIG BROTHER AFRICA 5 be filmed on location in South Africa?
Yes, the fifth season of BIG BROTHER AFRICA will be filmed on location in Johannesburg as this is where the existing Big Brother house is situated. With the house remaining in the same location as per season 2, 3 and 4, this allows M-Net the opportunity to invest more widely in the series production and expand the technical infrastructure utilized on the series.

8. Why did M-Net ask people from my country to enter and to watch this show that I regard as immoral?
Research has shown that previous seasons of Big Brother Africa were widely watched throughout the continent. Further the choice to enter the show and the choice to view the show is an individual one. BIG BROTHER, like all other content on DStv adheres to globally acceptable age restriction practices, additionally DStv decoders allow subscribers to block out any content that they deem unsuitable by using the Parental Control functionality.

9. Who is producing the new season of BIG BROTHER AFRICA for M-NET?
The show will be produced for M-NET by ENDEMOL SA.

10. Who is Big Brother?
The identity of BIG BROTHER remains a closely guarded secret and housemates will not get to see him at all whilst in the house. Big Brother is truly a man or woman of mystery!

11. What is MultiChoice Africa’s role in BIG BROTHER AFRICA 5?
MultiChoice Africa is not producing BIG BROTHER AFRICA. MultiChoice Africa provides subscription services to the multi-channel, digital, pay-TV service DStv. M-Net, AfricaMagic and DStv Channel 198, which are screening BIG BROTHER AFRICA are available on DStv.


12. Who is the host of BIG BROTHER AFRICA?
Charming Nigerian television and radio star I.K. Osakioduwa whose easy humor and professional style are well known will return to the BIG BROTHER stage for a second time.

13.Where can I watch season 5 of BIG BROTHER AFRICA?
BIG BROTHER AFRICA will be screened 24/7on the DStv channel 198.

14. Can I watch edited BIG BROTHER AFRICA shows?
Each week, M-Net will screen four 30-minute daily shows (Tuesday to Friday) as well as weekly highlights, nomination and eviction shows. The AfricaMagic channel will also screen edited Big Brother programs.

15. If I do not have DStv and I would like to get access, how do I do so?
Please contact your local MultiChoice office or agent for details on how to get and stay connected to DStv. Alternatively log on to the website www.dstvafrica.com

16. In Big Brother Africa: The Revolution, Shower Hour was not screened regularly on DStv channel 198. Will the new BIG BROTHER AFRICA include Shower Hour?
BIG BROTHER AFRICA will not include a defined Shower Hour.

17. Can DStv audiences restrict access to Big Brother Africa in their homes?
Programming for BIG BROTHER AFRICA including the 24 hour channel (channel 198) will have restricted access through the parental guide functionality on the DStv decoder – so parents will be able control viewing of Big Brother.


18. How do nominations and evictions work on BIG BROTHER AFRICA 5?
In the new season, housemates will once again be asked to nominate their fellow housemates for eviction, based on whom they want to see evicted from the house.

And like last season, viewers will then vote for the housemate they want to see remain in the house. So it’s all about keeping the great players in the game.

Once again, the Head of House role will return to the series. This will allow the player who wins the Head of House task each week the special power to save a housemate who is up for eviction and replace this housemate with one of their own choosing. In addition, the HOH will have extra powers and other special privileges in this season.

Further, in order to keep the series exciting, Big Brother reserves the right to change the nomination rules at any time in line with international practice. However it will always be the viewer votes which will finally determine who will stay in the house and who will leave it.

19. How do I vote on season 5 of BIG BROTHER AFRICA?
As with the previous four Big Brother Africa seasons, audiences can vote during BIG BROTHER AFRICA using their mobile via text, wap or MXit and online voting. Voting numbers will be communicated on the M-Net website and on M-Net closer to the show’s launch on DStv.


19. How do I enter the fifth season of BIG BROTHER AFRICA?
Breaking with tradition, M-Net has announced it won’t be calling for entries for the new show. The company has revealed that having run the series 4 times previously, they’re now head-hunting contestants from a database of previous entries submitted for the show.


20. How many cameras are there in the BIG BROTHER AFRICA house?
This season, there will be 53 cameras in the BIG BROTHER AFRICA house.

21. How many microphones are there in the BIG BROTHER AFRICA house?
This season, there will be 100 microphones in the BIG BROTHER AFRICA house.

22. When do housemates move into the house?
Housemates will enter the Big Brother house from Sunday July 18, 2010.

23.Are Big Brother Africa housemates locked into the Big Brother Africa house?
All doors to the outside are locked, yes, but housemates are free to leave at any stage as long as they explain why and understand that once out of the house they cannot return. Big Brother can open the doors at a moment’s notice in the event of an emergency.


24. What can housemates bring to the house?
Once the housemates have been selected, they will be given a rulebook stating exactly what kind of items they can bring into the house. However no electronic equipment can be taken into the house. Big Brother will go through what they are taking into the house with them and reserves the right to remove any item/s that has been excluded as per the rulebook.

25. Will the housemates have any contact at all with their family e.g. written correspondence?
No verbal or written communication is allowed with anyone outside the house, unless housemates have an urgent family crisis and this is still subject to Big Brother’s discretion.

26. What happens if a housemate falls ill while in the house?
In the event of a housemate becoming ill, they will be given first aid or they may have a nurse or doctor called in to attend to them. If their condition is serious, they will be admitted to a hospital accompanied by a member of the production staff and security personnel as it is strictly within the conditions of Big Brother to maintain minimal contact with the outside world. Should their illness mean they have to be away from the house for a long period it is unlikely that Big Brother will allow them to return.

27. Can housemates be excused if they have an urgent family crisis e.g. death in the family?
In the event of a family crisis such as death in the family the housemate will not be allowed to return to the house due to the difficulty in controlling contact with outside people e.g. family, friends etc.

28. What are the rules of BIG BROTHER AFRICA 5?
A rule-book is being finalized and will be distributed once completed. General rules will include - no contact with the world outside the Big Brother house, strictly no violence and an obligation to nominate fellow housemates for eviction.

29. What kind of tasks will be assigned to the housemates?
All tasks are reasonable, and involve team play. They are for Big Brother to know, and for the housemates to find out, but the housemates will never be asked to perform anything outside acceptable ethical and moral standards.

30. What if housemates have special dietary needs?
Housemates are entitled to a basic diet as recommended by expert health care professionals in order to meet the daily nutritional requirements of average individuals. This diet includes vegetables, carbohydrates such as rice and maize meal, meat, poultry and fruit. Anything outside these foods is regarded as a luxury item, and may be ordered from a special shopping list provided by Big Brother. All meals in the house will have to be negotiated and agreed with by the other housemates.

31. Are housemates entitled to cigarettes and/or alcohol?
Initially, housemates are allowed to bring their own pre-determined supply of alcohol and cigarettes. Once this supply runs out, these items then fall within a shopping list provided by Big Brother. Housemates receive a daily allowance. They pool the amount and may augment it by waging a percentage of their budget on the outcome of their weekday task. Should they fail the task, they risk losing the percentage they wagered.

32. Are housemates allowed to leave if it gets too much?
Housemates are free to leave at any stage during the process, on the understanding that they cannot return and may be replaced by someone else. 24 hours notice is normally requested by Big Brother to make departure arrangements. Housemates will be obliged to provide a reason for their exit to Big Brother in the diary room.

33. How are housemates expected to behave in the house?
The Big Brother house is their home for the duration of their stay. Therefore they are expected to behave as naturally as they would in your own environment.

34. Will housemates be allowed to practice their religion?
It is one of the prerequisites of joining the house that all members are tolerant, and any practices housemates wish to follow will be tolerated. However this is something housemates will have to negotiate inside the house with the others.

35. Will housemates see no one for three months except the housemates?
This is correct except for a psychologist, doctor or dentist should they request or require one. The production team may occasionally put other people into the house including crew, hairdressers and celebrities – but only for limited time.

36. Can housemates buy stuff while they are in the house?
Housemates can only influence the group as to how they all should spend a communal budget. No individual purchases are allowed.

37. Can housemates bring their own money?
No. There is no need for it.

38. How much stuff can housemates bring to the house?
Two suitcases. A small suitcase for personal items and a larger suitcase with capacity for 25 kilograms of clothing. No clothing with prominent logos or labels will be allowed.


Big Brother Africa will be back for a fifth season from Sunday, 18 July on DStv 198 for 91 days, and I can tell you that it will consist out of an all-star cast composed out of contestants from the previous four Big Brother Africa seasons.

M-Net has just announced that the reality show will be back for a fifth season - something I've known for about 3 weeks now What M-Net is not yet saying, is that the contestants in this new season will be those eye-popping contestants out of the previous four seasons who had viewers glued.

''With the volume of interaction Big Brother Africa received from fans, it was clear that Big Brother Africa 5 was definitely on the cards,'' says Biola Alabi, M-Net Africa managing director. ''We've been developing what we believe will be thrilling new format changes.'' Channel 198 will be available to both DStv Premium as well as DStv Compact subscribers.

M-Net is coy about the contestants, only saying they're now ''head-hunting contestants from a database of previous entries submitted for the show''. I can tell you that they're actually planning on bringing back the best contestants from the previous four Big Brother Africa seasons, as production crew told me two weeks ago to make for an explosive new season.


One technological change already in place is that this year DStv channel 198 will feature two television feeds so audiences can choose to move from one BIG BROTHER feed to another. At any one time there will be two streams of video and audio coming out of the house and audiences can simply pick the one that they wish to watch.

And with the rules governing conspiracy and alliance about to be given a radical new perspective, audiences will definitely want to follow the action closely!

IK is Back

More good news from BIG BROTHER AFRICA is that charming Nigerian television and radio star I.K. Osakioduwa, whose easy humor and professional style are well known, will return to the BIG BROTHER stage for a second time. The star, whose credits include Comedy Club and Studio 53, is a familiar face to DStv viewers and a longtime fan of the Big Brother series.

Asked why he thinks audiences relate so well to BIG BROTHER AFRICA, I.K. says, “It’s all reality. That’s what makes it so interesting. People like to see the way that other people handle real life situations. And Big Brother always does his part to keep the activities and surprises in the house fresh.”

Meanwhile this year contestants will once again be drawn from 14 countries – Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. BIG BROTHER AFRICA season five will be produced by Endemol and filmed on location in Johannesburg. This year, the house will feature 53 cameras and 100 microphones ensuring that, as always, Big Brother is always watching!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nigerian Idols auditions starts in July

Optima Media Group (OMG) has acquired the license to produce and air this reality show format throughout Nigeria and Pan Africa with the intent to produce an international cross over artiste.

Nigerian Idol is a television reality show with a nation-wide search for Nigeria's next solo superstar, which will offer one young hopeful the opportunity that raw talented singers have until now, only dreamed of. Nigerian Idol aims to find the best singer in the country who can be defined as the "National" singer, and International Artiste. One contestant will win an top quality management deal and a recording contract with an international record label, setting them on the path to stardom.

In July of this year, applications will be made available to talented singers across Nigeria, aged between 16 and 28 to audition for the chance to be the next Alicia Keys, Rihanna, or Neyo.Send your name and email address to 34368 (keyword:info).

A panel of four judges, made up of some of the music industry's most influential experts, will be faced with the daunting prospect of choosing 50 talented singers to face the viewing public who will decide, in a series of live shows, who most deserves the chance of stardom. This 50 hopefuls will be set tasks to prove that they have got the musical talent to make it in one of the world's most competitive industries. The Winner will be chosen after a live show in which the final two contestants sing to the nation in the hope of clinching the prize that will change their lives forever.

Be sure to keep monitoring this blog for more exclusive info about this reality show.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The pre-launch of a new channel TRACE Sports HD takes place in Johannesburg,right when the world turns its attention to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup.

Holds on the June 9th at 20:30 CAT.The party will be hosted by Olivier Laouchez, C.E.O of TRACE, with special guests Christian Karembeu (FIFA World Cup Champion) and his beautiful wife Adriana Karembeu (Top Model).

More details at www.trace.tv and www.tracesports.tv

Monday, June 7, 2010

CNN International will have eight correspondents in South Africa to cover the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

CNN International (DStv channel 401) will have a team of eight correspondents based in South Africa for the upcoming 2010 FIFA World Cup.

CNN International's Pedro Pinto, Alex Thomas, Michael Holmes, Isha Sesay, Diego Bustos and the South African CNN reporters Robyn Curnow, Nkepile Mabuse as well as David McKenzie (who's actually CNN International's de facto correspondent in Nairobi, Kenia) will all be here for comprehensive coverage of match results as well as to do a wide variety of 2010 World Cup stories.

David McKenzie will spend the entire month traveling around South Africa in a Winnebago and taking the pulse of South Africa from Cape Town to Graaff Reinet and from Qunu to Soweto. David McKenzie will travel more than 3 000km and viewers will be able to track his journey with the help of an interactive map on CNN.com as well. Meanwhile Aaron Mokoena, Bafana Bafana captain will be filing video diaries for CNN and also contribute as a World Cup analyst.

Detailed info about DStv HD service/PVR decoder

The world cup is upon us and now couldn’t have been a better time to enjoy the ultimate in TV entertainment, with DStv ready to beam the World Cup to Africa in HD. The future of TV is already here.

To enjoy the high quality broadcast, you need the following:

-HD PVR (connected to the TV via a HDMI cable)
-A Full HD or HD ready TV
-Satellite installation (minimum twin LNB)
-Home Theatre System (optional)

Picture quality: the quality is about 5 times better than standard definition TV. In plain terms, HD is a digital television broadcasting system with higher resolution than traditional Standard Definition (SD) television systems. Instead of using the conventional 625 lines to plot a TV picture, HD uses 720 or 1080 lines. In addition, the pixels in each of those lines are smaller and closer together, resulting in hugely improved picture quality, clarity and colour definition. The pictures are so clear you would not mind re-watching movies you already watched before.

Audio quality: most of the HD channels currently available on DStv offer audio in Dolby® Digital format. Dolby® Digital is a surround sound technology that beams at least 5 discrete channels of excellent audio quality. To experience the full magic of HD content with high quality sound you will need a compatible 6 speaker Home Theatre System.

Content variety: DStv currently offers the following HD channels, 24 hours every day:

MNET Africa HD: this is a channel that currently broadcasts a mix of reality shows, series, blockbuster movies and some musicals. Most of the programming is available in surround sound as well as stereo. Channel 170.

SuperSports HD: broadcasts a wide variety of sport events all in HD. Audio is in Surround Sound and stereo. Channel 171.

Discovery HD Showcase: provides documentary programming focused primarily on popular science, technology, and history. All the broadcasts are available in Surround Sound only; no stereo.

iConcerts HD: a music channel from Europe broadcasting music from a wide range of genres including blues, hip-hop, jazz, pop, soul, reggae, rock, classic and more. Audio is in stereo only.

TVCine HD: a Portuguese premium movie channel that showcases recent movies and premieres from all the major studios, as well as comedy, action, classic and old movies. This channel is available to Portugese bouquet subscribers only. Audio is in Surround Sound only.

SuperSports Extra HD: this is a new channel that is not yet broadcasting at the time of writing. It appears to have been setup to augment Channel 171 during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. Channel 174 will be the HD Extra channel. This will include World Cup matches that occur simultaneously, plus other HD sports programming. The channel will run until the conclusion of the World Cup and will be re-activated in August.

The decoder: The DStv HD PVR is a sophisticated piece of hardware that offers the following features:

The HD PVR allows you to view one channel, while recording two other channels simultaneously, as well as:
-record 150 hours of standard definition TV or 50 hours of HD TV
-pause live TV programming
-rewind programming
-play recorded programming in fast forward or slow motion modes
-XtraView capability: allows dual viewing on another XtraView-compatible decoder
-“Favourite channels” – once a set of channels as selected as favourites, one can enjoy:
-a personalised TV guide, listing the schedules of just those channels.

a personalised viewing environment which includes only your selected channels. No more hopping over unwanted or unavailable channels.

24 hour i-Plate: the i-Plate on the single view and dual view decoders have information for 2 programmes (that is, now & next). The i-Plate on the HD PVR improves on this and shares information on programming for the next 24 hours allowing you to easily browse the programming schedule and set recordings without leaving your existing channel.

DStv’s HD broadcast is still work-in-progress,thus makes it a must-have for movie lovers and sports enthusiasts in Africa. The FIFA World Cup makes it even a more compelling experience.